CDMA iPhone Said to be Coming this Fall

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Rumors of a CDMA-based iPhone just won’t go away, and the latest claims that Apple has placed orders for such a device with a fall delivery schedule. The rumored CDMA iPhone is allegedly being built by Pegatron’s Shanghai production facilities, according to DigiTimes.

This latest report will no doubt help fuel rumors that Verizon will soon offer the iPhone, ending AT&T’s exclusive deal in the United States. The iPhone is currently available only with GSM technology, which isn’t compatible with Verizon’s CDMA-based network.

The report from DigiTimes also claimed that Pegatron is trying to win MacBook and iPad production orders from Apple.

Considering DigiTime’s spotty record with Apple-related rumors, however, both reports should be taken with a grain of salt.

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What is the technical problem commonly referred to which is supposed to theoretically make a CDMA-iPhone incapable of engaging in doing phone conversations and running other apps simultaneously?

I’m predicting again that Verizon will never offer any iPhones; this CDMA-iPhone would belong to Sprint, alone.  This would be because I’m expecting Verizon would never agree to Apple’s non-negotiable/bedrock demand for Apple’s complete control of the UI and iTune’s complete control of the marketing of apps. etc.  Apple’s refusal to compromise on this principle, throughout all the times SJobs has headed Apple, has been the secret behind all of Apple’s technological and financial triumphs, and this tradition is a far more valuable an asset to Apple than any revenues from a Verizon iPhone could possibly be.


CDMA is old technology. Apple will wait for LTE next year.
T-Mobile will end AT&T’s exclusivity this fall


Apple and AT&T have a 5-year agreement. While neither party ever confirmed this (the agreement was always confidential) many industry sources have confirmed it three years ago when it was signed.

The CDMA device is most likely built for China, Korea, perhaps Japan and/or Latin America, where there are still some CDMA carriers.

We can look forward to two more years of Apple-AT&T marriage…

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