Celemony Brings 64-Bit Support to Melodyne

MelodyneCelemony announced Wednesday the release of version 1.2 of Melodyne Editor, Melodyne Assistant, and Melodyne Essential, an update that brings full 64-bit compatibility to the pitch correction software. Melodyne is pitch correction software that can be used with Pro Tools, Apple’s Logic, and other Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) solutions.

The update is free to registered owners of version 1.x. You’ll need to log into your myCelemony account at the company’s Web site to download the update.

For those interested in the importance and meaning of 64-bit computing, Celemony has posted two interview videos with company cofounder Carsten Gehle explaining these subjects. The interviews were conducted in German, but the videos have English voiceovers. They offer a very technical look at digital recording, memory, processing. Mr. Gehle also discusses the transition from Carbon to Cocoa in developing for Mac OS X.