Celemony Rereleases Melodyne 1.1

Celemony sent out a message Thursday to users letting them know that Melodyne 1.1 was once again available. The company released the update on Monday, April 12th, but pulled the download shortly thereafter. It is once again available, and a company spokesperson told The Mac Observer that users that did downloaded it when it is available should download and install it again.

For those keeping score at home, the version 1.1 download installer from the 12th is labeled We installed the Audio Unit plugin version of Melodyne Editor, and it installed version of the plugin (despite the 1.1 moniker).

The newly available downloader is labeled, but still installs version of the plugin. The company is encouraging users to download the version released on April 15th anyway.

You can do so by logging into your user account at Celemony’s site.