Celemony Ships 64-Bit Melodyne

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Celemony announced Thursday that it had shipped the 64-bit version of Melodyne, the company’s pitch correction software for digital audio workstation (DAW) solutions. Melodyne 1.2 was announced earlier this year, and is now available for download.

Melodyne is used to correct, or just change, the pitch of recorded music when you’re looking with DAWs such as Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and many others. It’s often associated with adjusting pitch in vocal performances, but can be used with any recorded audio, including instruments.

According to the company, when used with a 64-bit DAW, the 64-bit version Melodyne can be used on more tracks, process longer transfers, and is more stable than past version. Version 1.2 also detects transferred material up to 30% faster in either 32-bit or 64-bit mode.

Version 1.2 also brings file format compatibility between Melodyne editor, Melodyne assistant, and Melodyne essential, the three different Melodyne packages.

The update is free to registered owners of Melodyne 1.x, and you can find the installer by logging into your MyCelemony account at the company’s Web site.

The full version of each package is priced as follows:

  • Melodyne Editor: US$349
  • Melodyne Assistant: $249
  • Melodyne Essential: $69

Melodyne Screnshot

Melodyne Screenshot



I hope that in this version they corrected some drawbacks of previous version. Recording of instruments in it was rather well but processing of vocal was just horrible. A little time before we tried to record one our song and used this program. Finally our vocalist decided not to make corrections of his voice ‘cause after processing it became unnatural and some jerky.
Also when I processed the records of my guitar, which were made with using of distortion effect, it became too clean and some electronic.

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