CES 2014 to Use iBeacons for Expo Promotion

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Just because Apple won't have a booth at CES next week doesn't mean the iPhone and iPad maker won't have a presence. This year CES will be using the company's iBeacon technology for an on-site scavenger hunt to collect digital badges and win prizes.

CES promotes iBeacon technology with scavenger huntCES promotes iBeacon technology with scavenger hunt

Show attendees will need to download the CES Mobile app for their iPhone and then roam the vast expo halls to find all of the iBeacon locations. The first few people to collect all of the badges will win prize packages.

The iBeacons at CES are coming from Radius Technology, and CES organizers see the promotion as a great way to show people how the technology can be used for more than just retail promotions.

Apple introduced iBeacon last year and has since started using it in its own retail stores to highlight products. The technology uses short range Bluetooth signals to communicate with nearby devices such as iPhones with the Apple Store app installed.

"This is one of the coolest proximity-aware apps we have worked on," said Radius Networks CEO Marc Wallace. "This is also one of the first, tangible applications that leverages iBeacon technology. And it is a great example of how iBeacon technology is not just about advertising as it is about bringing new and innovative solutions to the marketplace. We are very excited to be a part of it."

CES runs from January 7 through January 10 in Las Vegas. The Mac Observer will be on location looking for cool technology including iBeacon.

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CES is promoting iBeacon technology in a big way this year. That has to make all of those Android phone makers that chose to go with NFC feel pretty good.

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Hope this Scavenger Hunt goes well because the CES Badges will have NFC - this is from one of their Press releases “New badges will be used for the 2014 CES that employ near field communication (NFC) technology… “
( source - http://bit.ly/1hn29Ag )

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