CES 2015 - Arcosft Adds Facial Recognition to Simplicam

LAS VEGAS - Arcsoft announced on Tuesday the addition of facial recognition to its Simplicam camera through the Closeli app one uses to manage Simplicam. The new Face Recognition Manager feature allows users to register and store up to ten different people that can then be flagged and noted through Simplicam.

Facial Recognition Manager in Closeli

Facial Recognition Manager in Closeli

Facial recognition is different from facial tracking, a feature that was already part of the Closeli service. Facial tracking lets you know that a human (as opposed to a beast) is there while facial recognition means the device can tell one person from another.

The feature is being rolled out as a beta, but is available in the iOS and Android versions of the Closeli app (as of this writing, the iOS update isn't yet live on the App Store). Users can setup privacy settings for each individual, as well as custom notifications for each on. Conversely, users can receive notifications when someone outside of the ten stored people are seen on Simplicam. In addition, users will be able to save or delete footage based on who is seen on Simplicam.

Simplicam is small camera you can mount on a wall or place on a counter or shelf that activates when it detects motion or sound. Footage can be livestreamed to your mobile device or stored online for later viewing (as an optional service called Closeli Recording Service).

Facial recognition is included with Closeli Recording Service, which starts at US$4.99 per month. Current subscribers can access the new feature by updating their apps. Simplicam is $149.99.