CES App Comes to iPhone - Other Mobile Platforms Need Not Apply

CES 2010 iPhone AppThe Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has released its first mobile phone app, 2010 International CES for iPhone. What's interesting, as pointed out AppScout, is that the company has not released apps for any other mobile platform, including all those companies that attend and rent booth space for the event.

For instance, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is delivering a keynote address for the event and his company has bought a major presence at the event for time immemorial, but Windows Mobile doesn't have a CES app. The same is true for Nokia's and Palm's smartphone platforms, both of which are also clients of the event. Google's Android will also be CES app-less.

Apple, on the other hand, has been famously absent from the event for years, abandoning it for Macworld as the company's only trade show before abandoning even than event in 2009. The company will not be appearing at the same 2010 CES for which this app is dedicated.

That said, there is an app coming for Research in Motion's BlackBerry platform, though it is not yet available. There is also a CES Follow Me Web page formatted for mobile phone platforms.