CES: Callpod’s Chargepod V2 Charges One Laptop, Three Devices

LAS VEGAS – Callpod on Thursday announced that it is using this week’s Consumer Electronics Show to display Chargepod V2, which can simultaneously charge one laptop and up to three small devices, such as an iPhone or iPod, a camera, a Bluetooth headset, or similar gadgets. A third side features a three-port USB 2.0 hub.

Chargepod V2 will be available in March and will sell for US$199.95. Callpod is also showing off its latest Bluetooth headset, Onyx, which can roam up to 164 feet and supports multiple device pairings, along with an ear bud system that molds itself to the inside of the ear canal. Onyx will be available next month for $69.95.

Also shipping in February is Callpod’s Vetro Bluetooth headset, which comes with a USB cable, a wall and car adapter, and a micro-USB device adapter. It can also pair with more than one device. Pricing will be $99.95.