CES Count the Tablets 1 & 2: Sharp Galapagos


LAS VEGAS - Since Microsoft managed to avoid mentioning anything about Windows tablets during CEO Steve Ballmer’s CES keynote, we are kicking off our “Count the Tablets” coverage of CES with two Android tablets from Sharp being marketed under the name Galapagos — 5.5” and 10.8” models are being shown at the trade show.

The 10.8” model features a resolution of 1366 x 800 (higher than Apple’s iPad, which is a 9.7” display at 1024 x 768), and the company is billing the ability to share content between multiple Sharp Android devices as a top feature. Sharp also said that it is a low power consumption device, though the company wasn’t specifying battery life.


The 10.8” Sharp Galapagos

In addition, Sharp said that users will be able to stream video content from the Galapagos to a TV through a proprietary technology. Some Sony TVs will come with built-in support for this technology, and Sharp is planning to release some kind of adapter kit for use on other TVs.

The company is also pushing a technology called XMDF for ebooks and other content that Sharp said will automatically reformat said content for the particular device it is being displayed on. This will be particularly handy for the Android world, which lacks anything resembling standards for display sizes or other elements of the devices.

Galapagos devices are scheduled to be released in the U.S. sometime in the second half of 2011, and Sharp hasn’t yet announced pricing. Jeff Gamet, on hand in Las Vegas at CES, found the devices to “feel cheap.”

The image below is the 5.5” model, which Sharp is intending to feel more like a book than the larger “home type” (the company’s words from a press release in September, 2010) 10.8” model.

The 5.5

The 5.5” Sharp Galapagos

Stay tuned for many, many more tablets direct from CES.

Jeff Gamet contributed to this article.



I love it how both the pictures are the same exact picture, but one is just blown up to look bigger.  Surely no one would notice.


Hehe. Silly photos is right. Jeff, can you fix the images (or just post one), it’s pretty silly.
5.5”? How is that better than a phone or an iPod Touch? So is it for sale or just a prototype that is coming out “soon”? It’s depressing that no one is even bothering to design their own device case; “just change the radius of the rounded corners, make the black bezel a slightly different width, and add a couple of buttons and voila! it’s totally new and not an iPad ripoff… trust us.” There’s gotta be a lot of industrial designers out of work chomping at the bit to work on this stuff, but oh yeah, R&D costs money. never mind.


The person holding the 10.8” model must have HUGE hands! wink

Jeff Gamet

I updated the Galapagos 10-incher photo. Sadly, these tablets are all so similar looking that it’s really hard to keep them all straight.


Thanks Jeff, I hope my comment didn’t come off snarky; it was in fun.
Yes they are all depressingly similar. As a designer and industrial design aficionado, I feel most just smack of something slapped together, relying on Apple’s R&D to tell them what they are doing is right. I hope some really cool ideas of Apple reviving the tablet category, but so far not so much.


Your right, Brando et al. One doesn?t even have to look carefully where the thumb is placed to see that they are the same ?Toys ?R? Us? me-soon vapourware. When will we actually see ‘real’ and ‘right now’ from these clowns. The efforts from these copycats just don?t seem to be coming to fruition any time soon. Meanwhile, Apple skates about making the future and tallying up the profits and experience to keep their cycle turning.

If it is true that Apple has been working surreptitiously on the iPad for years and that the iPhone came about when someone realized that only a few elements of their prototype iPad were needed to make a smart phone then the tablet competition is in deep difficulty. The dreamabes are left to stumble along clumsily reverse engineering imitations of Apple?s present tablet computer with promises, but no physical evidence, that such devices will actually come about. Meanwhile, tight-lipped Apple has completed and is already manufacturing the next generation of the iPad computer. This is relativity the masses can understand.

Do these jesters do any research or just desperately grab from the shelf what they can find to copy and differentiate themselves from Apple? I suspect that copying, building and shipping a computer slaying tablet is a lot more difficult to replicate than slapping together an Android phone. Must drive the Envyboys mad.

And speaking of those derelict creatures, where is the Envyboy Queen of cant, Bosco and his lady?s in waiting, Jose and Len on all this? Funny they being so silent and all.

Let?s give ?em a Nelson Muntz, Ha Ha!

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