CES Count the Tablets 45-51: Intel Demos Windows & Android


LAS VEGAS - We’re wrapping up our “Count the Tablets” coverage of CES with eight tablets that Intel was demonstrating. These were a mix of Windows and Android-powered devices, and they include one device (the Motion CL900) that we already covered from Microsoft’s booth, for a total of 51 tablets we were able to round up.

The bad news is that Intel had no information on hand about the devices, and when we asked we were told to go to some unspecified place on the company’s Web site to ferret out specs and whatnot that we could then laboriously try and match up to our photos. We had a brilliant counter offer, however, which was, “No.”

We should also note that some of these devices are prototypes of unreleased technologies being shown for gee-whizz effect, but the booth folks weren’t too keen on identifying even that.

At least these devices were powered on, and we were able to handle them. In addition, they were being kept clean by Intel’s booth staff, and that puts Intel’s tabletpalooza display head and shoulders above everyone but Microsoft, which was hands down the best of the lot.

All of which is kind of said, but jeepers, wasn’t all the hype leading up to CES well-founded? Apple must be quaking in its Cupertino boots…

Be that as it may, here are seven new tablets that were shown at CES, along with another picture of the Motion CL900.

Unspecified Device

Unspecified device

Unspecified Device

Unspecified device, but with “Intel Inside”


A device fro Gemtek

Unspecified Device

Unspecified device

Unspecified Device

Fujitsu tablet

Motion CL900

Motion CL900, which we covered from Microsoft’s booth

Avaya Desktop Video Device

The label reads “Avaya Desktop Video Device,” whatever that is

Evolve Three

Evolve Three

Jeff Gamet contributed to this article.

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And there are still people out there who deny that Apple is the industry leader. Go figure.


Apple is industry leader in what? Snob ceos with black turtlenecks? Laf. Let me know how your new ipad is with all of those numerous apps from the apple store. Il be enjoying my new samsung tablet. The android market has hundreds of apps. many for free. samsungs 1st gen tablet is practically flawless. I will never return to apple.


‘hundreds’, ‘many’, ‘free’, ‘practically’, ‘never’ ...
(and qualifiers and tigers and bears, oh my!)

‘Laf’ indeed!


Wherefore art thou, Courier? I thought Microsoft wasn’t going down the iPad lookalike route. Right? Right? wink

Personally, I don’t care how many apps Android amasses. I will never trust Google with a device that I use for private purposes. Not ever. I’ve mentioned it before here too, but the number of non-geeks who have said to me, ‘You know, I really have to have an Android tablet for it’s hack-ability.’, is precisely zero. The number of them buying phones and tablets is a lot higher than that. Ultimately, who cares? Sincerely, I hope you love your Samsung, Jim.

Anyway, nice round-up, looks like it’s officially ‘game-on’. It can only make Apple’s stuff better in the long run.


Hundreds of apps in Android Market?  Funny, I thought they were up to 130,000.

Oh, and Apple doesn’t have “many for free”?  Man, it is amazing the people that post here.


The first unspecified device is the Evolve Three Maestro tablet.

The same device can be found here:

The current model (the last picture) includes the Intel Pinetrail 1.83 GHz processor is able to dual boot Windows 7 and Android 2.2 out of the box.

The next model will include the Intel Oaktrail processor and will be able to triple boot Windows 7, Android and MeeGo.

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