CES: Cutting the Magic Mouse Power Cord

LAS VEGAS — Apple’s Magic Mouse connects wirelessly to your computer via Bluetooth, and two companies at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas are making it easy to recharge the pointing device’s batteries without any cords, too.

Magic Mouse induction charging, Artwizz-style

Artwizz and Mobee are both offering induction-based recharger kits for the Magic Mouse, which save users from relying on disposable batteries, and there’s no need to swap batteries out — unlike Apple’s own rechargeable battery kit. Both company’s products include a charging pad and a custom battery pack that replaces the disposables that the Magic Mouse ships with.

Induction charging uses an electromagnetic field to recharge specially outfitted batteries without requiring any wires to transfer the power into the cells. Since the batteries don’t need to be removed from the device for recharging, users can simply set their Magic Mouse on the induction plate when they aren’t using it, and pick it back up when it’s time to get some work done.

The Artwizz induction charger uses the stock battery compartment cover plate that ships with the Magic Mouse, and Mobee’s Magic Charger battery includes it’s own custom replacement battery compartment cover. Both charging plates sport indicator lights to show when your mouse is fully charged and ready to use, and use standard USB connections for power.

Mobee’s Magic Mouse induction charger

Mobee also offers battery packs without the induction charging plate. “College students wanted to share a charging plate in their dorms,” a Mobee spokesperson told The Mac Observer.

Indiction chargers aren’t new to CES, but most don’t match the aesthetics of Apple’s products. Artwizz and Mobee, however, are taking an already cool technology and giving it a look that fits well with your iMac or MacBook.