CES: FrameWizard Turns Photos Into Animated Images


LAS VEGAS – FaceCake Marketing Technologies on Thursday introduced FrameWizard, a digital frame that displays animated images created from still photos, which are transformed using the company’s software. It’s available in three sizes: 7-inch (US$149.99), 8-inch ($199.99), and 15-inch ($299.99). Each has 2GB of internal storage.

The 8- and 15-inch versions come with the Pro version of FaceCake’s software, which runs on Mac and PC. The Pro edition offers four elements: Moving Memories, which enables photo subjects to move; Element Effects, which adds anything from autumn leaves to balloons to the scene; Change of Scenery, which replaces backgrounds with animated environments; and Matte Magic, which adds one of many different kinds of borders.

The 7-inch version comes with Starter Edition software, which includes Element Effects and Matte Magic.