CES: Greenpeace: Apple, Sony Ericsson, Nokia Are ‘Top of the Class’

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LAS VEGAS - Greenpeace on Friday announced that Apple, Sony Ericsson, and Nokia have landed the top grades in its Guide to Greener Electronics, which the environment group updated Thursday at the Consumer Electronics Show. Greenpeace lauded Sony Ericsson and Apple for calling on the European Union to support a ban on the use of PVC plastic and brominated flame retardants in all electronic products.

The group gave Apple, Sony Ericsson, and Nokia top grades for having the most products free of the worst hazardous substances, while Samsung, Dell, Lenovo and LG Electronics were dinged for not following through on promises to get toxic chemicals out of their products.

Greenpeace also noted that “green credentials” were a common theme at CES, pointing to a new mini notebook computer from Sony that uses recycled compact disks in its chassis and recycled plastic bottles in its carrying case.



Are Y. Kidding

Have a look at the grades dude, if Nokia is a green company then Apple is on the brown (the color of s**t, you know).

Apple cannot be in the same group with Nokia, not if you have any brains.


Apple has been steadily climbing the ranks because they’ve actually implemented changes while others who were initially ranked very highly for little more than promises, failed to deliver. I expect the trend to continue.

Are Y. Kidding


smile I trully feel pitty for you my dear fanboy. smile Those interested can see the report at http://www.greenpeace.org/international/campaigns/toxics/electronics/how-the-companies-line-up

First edition was published on 08.2006 and in there Nokia had 7 points (now up to 7.3) while Apple’s score was 2.7 - Low scores on almost all criteria (now 5.1, higher indeed but still s**t)

Nokia is not only green, it is also improving. Apple is improving but damn, it stinks.


You’re not comparing Apples to Apples here though. Compare Apple to it’s main competition (HP laptops, Dell laptops, Lenovo laptops, etc.) where the majority of Apple’s market is, and see what you discover.

Are Y. Kidding

Sorry dude, look again at the report and see that no berry pickers are included there only to make your Apple look bad. All the companies are in the same business, consumer electronics, and Apple sucks. I am ready to give them credit for their progress, which is indeed good, but the real ones making them harm are idiot bloggers which try to sell Apple for more that it is.

If this article would have been about how Nokia leads and inspires the industry in the efforts to go green, and how Apple is continuously improving being currently at a 5.1 score it would have been all OK.

Brad Cook

As the writer of the article, I should point out that Greenpeace, in its press release, put Apple, Sony Ericsson, and Nokia together and said they were “top of the class.” They lumped the three together, not me. And that was a PR issued at CES, not Macworld, so it’s not like they felt they had to give it an Apple slant.

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