CES: Icron’s ExtremeLink Streams Computer Content to TV

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LAS VEGAS – During this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, Icron Technologies is showing off its latest design platform, ExtremeLink, which connects to a Mac or PC via USB and delivers all of that computer’s functionality, from email and web surfing to playing games, to a TV over an 802.11n wireless connection. Icron said the device is plug-and-play and also works with Linux.

ExtremeLink is two units: one connects to a computer’s video and USB outputs and the other hooks into a TV’s video and audio inputs. It also acts as a remote USB hub for keyboards, mice, and other USB devices.

Icron said that the reference design for ExtremeLink is now available, allowing OEMs to build their own products around it.



Dean Lewis

Darn. Not even their press release has info on price and availability yet. This could be what I’m looking for. Most computer-to-TV streaming setups I’ve found limit content format (like WMV only or something) or are partnered with sites and are limited to those. I just want to stream from computer to TV, even if I have to zoom the screen. Did anyone see this in action at CES? Are there equivalent products?

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