CES: MathBlaster Relaunches With New iOS Games

Knowledge Adventure on Thursday announced new offerings in its Math Blaster franchise as part of its 20th anniversary year. The publisher has launched MathBlaster.com and released new Math Blaster iOS games.

MathBlaster.com, which is currently available as a free Beta, is a massively multiplayer online game with 3D graphics and a storyline that takes kids to Blaster Academy, where they play arcade-style math games and take on high-speed missions. Knowledge Adventure plans to bundle MathBlaster.com subscriptions with JumpStart.com and future online games for US$7.99 monthly, $74.99 annually, and $149.99 lifetime.

Knowledge Adventure’s new iOS games include Math Blaster: Hyper Blast, an outer space challenge with 30 levels, Jumpstart Preschool: Magic of Learning, and Jumpstart Punk Punk Blitz, a speed and skill game. The first two are $1.99 each, while the third is free.