CES: nPower Gets Kinetic with iPhone Charging

LAS VEGAS — Electric outlets aren’t easy to come by in the back country, so nPower came up with the idea of converting the kinetic energy generated by walking into electric cells that can be used to recharge your iPhone. The company’s PEG fits in your backpack and powers its charging cell from your own movement.

Since the PEG builds up a charge based on movement, walking, running, or even shaking the device will generate electricity that can be transferred to your iPhone for calls. The company says that an average hour of walking will generate enough electricity for a quick phone call, which can come in handy in emergency situations.

The nPower PEG

Company founder Aaaron LeMieux told The Mac Observer “I came up with the idea for the PEG when I hiked the Appalachian Trail. There aren’t any outlets to recharge phones, so I thought there had to be a way to take advantage of the I made when I was walking.”

The nPower PEG may not charge quickly, but it still has a leg up on solar chargers because it works even when the sun isn’t out. Don’t, however, try taking one in your carryon bag, because security probably won’t believe it’s just a kinetic battery charger.