Chalkin’ Chimp’s Chalkboard: Sketching & Painting on iPad

Different Bits announced Thursday the release of Chalkin’ Chimp’s Chalkboard, a sketching and painting app for the iPad. Aimed in part at kids, the app is hosted by the title character, and the company said the app makes it easy for young artist to create line, light, and color effects.

“The app is designed to overcome the anxiety, self-criticism, doubt, and inhibition that prevent children from exploring their artistic gifts,” the company said in a statement. “Emphasizing the unselfconscious, slapstick, cartoon reality, that gives unlimited license to artistic experimentation, the app sets the mood and provides the tools for every young person to discover the artist living inside them. The goal is to overcome all preconceived ideas surrounding artistic self-expression, creativity, spontaneity, competition, and judgment.”

App features:

  • An invitation to kids, 3 to 103, to explore their artistic side
  • A magical app that responds to touch with color and light
  • Ideal for artists of any age - create quick sketches easily
  • All sketches may be saved, edited, posted, emailed, and made into wallpaper
  • Millions of colors in the color wheel and brightness palette
  • Paint brush, paint roller, crayon, eraser tools
  • Special lighting, brush, and color blending effects
  • Monthly Chalkin’ Chimp’s Chalkboard contests

The app is priced at US$3.99, and is available on the App Store.

Chalkin' Chimp Chalkboard Screenshot

Chalkin’ Chimp’s Chalkboard Screenshot