Change The Name of Your Bluetooth Device

You’ve pulled your new Apple Magic Mouse, Trackpad or some other cool Bluetooth device out of the box and set it up with the OS X menu bar option. It has a default name, but now you want to change it. Here’s how.

By the way, as a refresher, that menu bar icon looks like the one below.*

BT logo

Here’s what the Bluetooth menu looks like.

BT menu

Bluetooth menu

You may have already used the option: “Set Up Bluetooth Device…” In doing so, your new accessory was given a default name, but now you want to change it.

1. In that same Bluetooth menu, select “Open Bluetooth Preferences. (See the screen shot above.) You’ll see something similar to this list of all your Bluetooth devices.

BT Prefs

Bluetooth Preferences

2. Select the device and note the options gear at the bottom. Click it. You’ll see these options (circled below in red):

BT options

BT Preference Options

3. Select “Rename” and then enter a new name into the edit field.

BT rename

That’s it. You’re done. These are the names that will automatically show up in the Bluetooth menu items. And if you’re working with a mouse, it will surely thank you now that it has its own unique identity.


* For more details on the appearance of that icon, see Apple’s Knowledge Base article # HT2702.