Charlie Rose Posts Part 2 of Apple CEO Tim Cook Interview

The Charlie Rose Show published the second part of Charlie Rose's interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook. In this section (embedded below), Mr. Cook expanded on his thoughts on privacy, companies that collect your personal data, and why Apple doesn't. Mr. Rose also asked him about human rights, the importance of diversity at Apple, and Apple's approach to human rights.

For a kicker, Mr. Cook also explained why Apple has educated more than two million workers in China on their rights.

Other areas where Mr. Cook waxed particularly passionate include what drives Apple—hint: it's not to be the most valuable company in the world. Charlie Rose also asked about Mr. Cook's relationship with Bono and why he agreed to pay for the right to give away U2's Songs of Innocence.

It's a great interview. Watch it. The video is 52 minutes long, but Mr. Cook's section is roughly half that. The second half is with Silicon Valley designer Yves Behar.

You can also watch Part 1 at The Charlie Rose Show website.