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What do you get when you take two parts sarcasm, two parts intimate familiarity with all things Apple, two parts sarcasm, one part computer animation and mix them all together? Well, you could get a sort of if-Steve-Jobs-was-played-by-Gene-Wilder kind of thing, or you could get a somewhat comical and somewhat cynical look at how Apple makes its products so appealing. In the case of Charlie and the Apple Factory, you’ll get all that, and then some.

In this video from CollegeHumor, Apple is giving away five Golden Tickets to get a tour of the “Apple Factory” from Steve Jobs. For those who somehow don’t get the reference, it’s a riff off of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was turned into a movie in 2005 by the same name (starring Johnny Depp) and another movie called Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in 1971 (starring Gene Wilder).

As with the original story, there’s moral and a lesson in this animated video, and we won’t spoil it by giving it away. We will, however, point out just how many aspects of Apple, its products, and being a fan of Apple or those products the creators nailed.

CollegeHumor has embedding disabled in the YouTube post, so you’ll have to visit the video there to see it.

Charlie and the Apple Factory

Screenshot from Charlie and the Apple Factory

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Anyone taking bets on how long before Apple legal issues the cease-and-desist?


Kinda funny in a cynical way. For me, the best Apple parody is the SImpsons.


It was pretty funny, until it turned out it’s just another Apple-dis.
I actually wrote this piece in response to it:


Yeah, I turned it off on “we sell the same junk as everyone el…” Cricket, cricket.

They forgot, “because our stuff just works better than theirs”. As a former standup comic, I’ll let you in on a secret: it’s not funny if it’s not true.


My wee ones were loving this.
It is a dis on apple to be sure, but it is still funny. Funny is often about something not entirely accurate, but could be perceived of as accurate.


“Our junk may be the same but we pride ourselves on ‘showmanship’”? This is supposed to be funny somehow? I mean, the whole video turns on this little point, and this is the one point of failure. Anybody who owns Apple “junk” knows that is the one word that can’t be used to describe it!

This is supposed to be the “intimate familiarity with all things Apple”? and a “somewhat cynical look”?

Bryan, you have me worried… or are you more worried about how non-fans of Apple will perceive you?


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