Check Out Jeff Gamet's Ignite Denver Presentation Online

The Mac Observer's Managing Editor Jeff Gamet had the opportunity to speak at Ignite Denver 13 in February, and while he was pretty much committed to being there, we know not all of you could make it. Even if you missed the evening and Jeff's presentation, you can still check it out now that the Ignite team has posted videos of all of the evening's presentations on their YouTube channel.

Ignite Denver is an event where several people get the chance to talk on whatever topic they like, assuming they're selected by popular vote to speak. Presentations are five minutes long, include 20 slides that auto advance every 15 seconds, and don't include the chance to start over should something go wrong once the clock is ticking.



Jeff spoke about life a with a nose that picks up far more scents than the average person and actually made a point to keep the topic away from the usual tech and Apple-related world he's usually a part of. You can check out the video of his presentation at the Ignite Denver YouTube channel, or just sit back and watch it here.