China Factory Workers Claim Poisoning from Apple Products

Workers in an unnamed factory in China claim they were poisoned by the chemicals used in building Apple products. The employees are apparently being treated for exposure to n-hexane vapors while building iPhones and laptop computers, according to the Australian Broadcast Corporation.

The employees that are suffering from n-hexane exposure have been receiving treatment in Suzhou’s Number Five People’s Hospital for the past six months.

Sick workers in China think Apple is to blame.

The workers claim they were building products for Apple and even had some of the Apple logos they had been gluing to product cases. Apple, however, hasn’t confirmed it is contracting work in the area the patients are from.

Apple dealt with n-hexane issues earlier this year when employees from Wintek, the company that builds iPhone touch screens, fell ill. Apple imposed stricter health and safety requirements as part of its contract with the company and Wintek has since stopped using the chemical.