China Mobile Eyes iPad, 3G iPhone

Wang Jianzhou, CEO of China Mobile, said at a news conference on Thursday that his company would like to offer the iPad, as well as a version of the iPhone 3G that supports alternate 3G mobile technology. Apple sells the iPhone in that country through China Unicom, which uses a compatible 3G network.

China Mobile uses the TD-SCDMA 3G standard on its network, and Mr. Jianzhou is eyeing the iPhone’s “next generation” for his company, according to PC World. The web site noted that to sell the iPhone through China Mobile, Apple would have to not only disable Wi-Fi, which it did to comply with Chinese regulations so it could sell the device through China Unicom, but also accommodate an alternative 3G standard not in use on in any other country’s major cellular network.

However, China Mobile offers the world’s largest subscriber base, with more than 520 million users. The company also has a large e-book library available on its network, which is why it is pursuing the iPad, according to Mr. Jianzhou.