China Sees Big iPad Launch Turnout

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Apple’s iPad is off to a big start in China. The company launched its multimedia tablet device in the country Friday morning to long lines filled with excited customers.

The weather didn’t cooperate with customers waiting outside Apple’s Beijing store in the rain, according to Business Insider. Shoppers waiting in line in Shanghai, however, stayed dry.

micgadget iPad launch video

Only the Wi-Fi iPad is available in China for now. There’s no word yet on when the Wi-Fi plus 3G models will be available in the country.


Jeff Gamet

Even months after the first iPad launch in the U.S., consumers in other countries are going nuts when they can finally get their hands on one. I’m betting interest in the iPad isn’t going to taper off even when more plausible competing products hit the market.

Lee Dronick

This evening our local CBS affiliate had a segment about iPad clones being sold very inexpensively in China. Packaging and devices looked very similar to Apple’s iPad. No mention on the operating systems that they are using.

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