China Unicom iPhone 4 Launch May be Sept 16

| Rumor

Inside sources at China Unicom claim the carrier will begin selling Apple’s iPhone 4 in the country on September 16, and in an effort to avoid potential complaints over antenna signal loss issues, a free case will be included with each phone purchase, according to Caixon.

The unnamed sources also claim customers hoping to be among the first to get their hands on an iPhone 4 in China will have to order theirs online ahead of the launch.

China Unicom began selling the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 3GS without built-in Wi-Fi support to comply with government regulations, but was finally able to begin selling the 8GB model with Wi-Fi support on August 9. The carrier has been hoping to cut into gray market iPhone sales where customers have been able to get Wi-Fi enabled iPhones for years.

The carrier hasn’t made an official iPhone 4 launch date announcement yet.



Apple did not initially admit to making a mistake. At first they said nothing and customers were bouncing back and forth between blaming ATT and Apple.

Then the first word we heard was “don’t hold it that way.” And the fanatics scrambled around trying to prove the email was false. But it wasn’t.

Apple finally spoke up and did so with such arrogance it was disgusting. Even Macworld said so.

yes ! China is a big market , but i heared that the High imitation mobile market is very hot in China . i worried which will affect the sales of iphone 4 and ipad !!?
good luck! Apple! lol ~ but if Chinese puchase a iphone or ipad , i suggest them get a Aneesoft iphone/ipad converter like me~~

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