Chinese Site Sells Hacked iTunes Accounts

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The Chinese auction site TaoBao currently hosts for sale about 50,000 iTunes accounts linked to stolen credit cards, according to a BBC article. The listings even tell buyers they can get cheap downloads through the accounts, but they will only have about 12 hours to do so after purchase.

China’s Global Times newspaper first reported on the auctions. One sell told the paper: “Of course these accounts are hacked, otherwise how could they be so cheap?”

TaoBao, which is China’s equivalent to eBay and which has over 200 million users, said in a statement: “We take all reasonable and necessary measures to protect the rights of consumers who use Taobao, of our sellers and of third-parties. Until we receive a valid takedown request, we cannot take action.”



So this is the price for doing business with China?  Just bring the jobs back home.


vince7 said on January 8th, 2011 at 8:50 AM:
So this is the price for doing business with China?  Just bring the jobs back home.

That makes no sense!
iTunes is a massive international business. Even if Apple pulled manufacturing & the iTunes store out of China the hackers would still make money selling accounts of people in other countries.
Do you really believe borders stop internet fraud?

Xenophobia is not really a good reason for ceasing to work in the largest market for technology in the world.


Had my account hacked by Chinese about a year ago I think. Took my $32 balance from gift cards and $10-15 from my linked account.

Found it early one AM logging into iTunes on my phone and seeing all sorts of Chinese. They bought $40+ worth of Beyonce. Yuck. I had to download all those songs myself to not have to see them forever in my downloads area. (FIX THIS APPLE!!)

Also was a hassle to get Apple to do anything about my gift card $$ because it’s in the ToS that they don’t refund balances - but I bugged them enough to give me a $25 gift card.

Now I don’t keep my credit card linked and I don’t keep more than about $10 balance at a time.

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