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Chronos announced the immediate availability of the Chronos Utility Suite on Tuesday. The application bundle includes F10 Launch Studio and iClipboard -- two apps that the company says help boost Mac user productivity.

F10 Launch Studio is an application launching utility that saves screen space by appearing only when a hot key is pressed. iClipboard is a multi-clipboard manager that includes a clipping history, a clipping drawer, and more.

The Chronos Utility Suite is priced at US$49.99, but is available for $35 through March 31. The suite is available for download at the Chronos Web site.

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SohoNotes was one of the crappiest app for OSX (sync _never_ worked, memory leaks were maddening)—Chronos was the champion of lousy customer service and upgrade greed. Just go an check the user ratings on VersionTracker.

God saves us all from the app bundle!


The utility Suite doesn’t offer much. It seems like it needs another application included.

@ Azazello - SohoNotes has always been a hit or miss application for me. I love it but agreed that it has some big issues. I turned off the Sync feature because I never got it to work. After doing that, I have found the application quite useable for storing files, receipts and other stuff.


Yojimbo is the way to go: syncing and all


I have heard good things about Yojimbo. And I use an older verison of DEVONnote at work which is limiting but works for my needs (at work).

The issue for me not switching is that I have gigabytes of data stored in SohoNotes ranging from text files, to image files, to PDFs, to both sound and video files and it’s all organized.

I think migrating it would be a bit of a pain and looks like it’s too much trouble than what it is worth.

Sync isn’t a huge loss for me at this point. Thought I have been using Evernote to sync “to-do” text notes between my desktop/laptop/iPhone. Thought now I have started wishing for that ability in SohoNotes for just certain text files I have saved.

I figure one of these days either SohoNotes gets better or I just get so fed up I make a switch.  smile


It is quite simple to migrate from one (database) app to another. You can easily export and import your whole file collection as I did when I ditched SohoNotes and bought Yojimbo. Yojimbo is one of the most often used apps (it is a huge scrapbook) on my Macs and syncs like a dream.


Well I have to give it a closer look and see if it’s worth it.

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