Chronos SOHO Apps Apps Get Lion Compatibility Update

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Chronos announced the immediate availability of update versions of its SOHO personal data management apps on Tuesday that add OS X 10.7, or Lion, compatibility. The company also released Lion compatibility updates for its iScrapbook apps, iClipboard and F10 Launch Studio.

SOHO organizer apps for the MacSOHO Organizer for the Mac

The Lion-compatible versions of the Chronos software collection include:

  • SOHO Organizer 9.1.5
  • SOHO Notes 9.1.5
  • SOHO Print Essentials 5.0.4
  • SOHO Organizer 8.56
  • SOHO Notes 8.56
  • SOHO Print Essentials 4.0.3
  • iScrapbook 3.3.0
  • iScrapBox 1.1
  • iClipboard 3.0.6
  • SOHO Business Cards 3.0.4
  • SOHO Labels 5.0.3
  • F10 Launch Studio 3.0.5

The SOHO product line includes contact and event management apps, a note organizer, document design, and business card and label design apps.

Older versions of the Chronos apps haven’t been tested for Lion compatibility. A full list of compatible and untested apps is available at the Chronos Web site.

The Lion compatibility updates are free for users of current app versions.

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