Chuck La Tournous Looks at iPhone 4S on MacJury

MacJuryThe Mac Observer’s Chuck La Tournous joined MacJury host Chuck Joiner to discuss the announcements Apple’s October 4th media event including the introduction of the iPhone 4S and Siri voice control.

Other MacJury panel members included Macworld’s Lex Friedman and Omaha Sternberg from iGame Radio.

The panel evaluated the latest news from Apple, including the issue surrounding iPhone naming conventions, the new camera, Siri, and the internal hardware changes to the device. They also discussed the role of voice recognition in gaming, how your relationship with your phone may change once you can talk to it, and — of course — made the inevitable Star Trek comparisons. Along the way Find My Friends went under the microscope, iCloud tradeoffs and dependence are weighed, the usefulness of Cards is examined, and Tim Cook’s performance gets graded.

MacJury episode 1110 is available as a free download at the MacJury Web site.