CinemaView Announces LCD Displays For Macs with Mini Displayport

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Collins America announced today a product line of LCD displays made just for Macs. This line of products takes advantage of the Mini Displayport jack on Apple's newest Macs for connecting external displays.

All CinemaView models include a 3-port powered USB 2.0 hub, a passthrough stereo audio jack, and, an all-in-one cable that connects Mini Displayport, USB 2.0, and stereo audio to the Mac. Their Aluminum construction also matches the design of current Apple computers.

CinemaView displays will be available from the CinemaView Web site, from Apple Specialist retailers across the USA, and from independent Apple product resellers. The three initial CinemaView display models are sized at 19-inch at 1440x900 pixels, 20.1-inch at 1650x1050 pixels, and 24-inch at 1920x1080 pixels and are priced at US$299, US$399, and US$499.

CinemaView displays can be reserved now from the CinemaView Web site. Customers placing reservations before August 1, 2009 will receive free shipping to USA, Canada, and EU destinations.

CinemaView LCD Displays



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Are these LED too?  For the price, I doubt it - what kind of screen?


bah - not 1920 by 1200… I’ll pass.



Here you are (from their web site Q & A).

Q. What type LCD panel are you using?
A. We use the latest generation MVA type panels, which are functionally comparable to current IPS/PVA based panels. As both technology types have improved over time, the real functional differences have become negligible.


thanks - I missed that (did read up on their site though)

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