Cisco Hires Former Apple VP Mark Papermaster

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Networking giant Cisco has hired former Apple vice president Mark Papermaster, according to Businessweek. Mr. Papermaster left Apple in August following the initial problems with iPhone 4’s antenna. At Cisco, Mr. Papermaster will be a vice president in charge of some of the company’s chips.

Mark Papermaster was a longtime executive at IBM where he worked on both processor designs and Big Blue’s blade servers. He was recruited by Apple to head up the company’s mobile device engineering efforts, where he was in charge of, among other things, the iPhone’s innovative antenna design.

Apple never blamed those problems on Mr. Papermaster, but he departed six weeks after the iPhone 4 was released, and shortly after those problems led to lots of headlines denigrating the iPhone for those problems.

There was also a report from The Wall Street Journal, however, that quoted unnamed sources who said his departure was the result of cultural friction (i.e. Big Blue’s suit culture vs. Apple’s turtle neck and jeans culture).

The mildly ironic thing about his departure from Apple was how hard Apple had to fight to get him in the first place. After his departure from IBM to go to Apple, Big Blue sued claiming he was violating a noncompete contract. The three parties eventually worked it out, however, and Mr. Papermaster started a new career in Cupertino.

That career was short, lasting less than two years. Steve Jobs has a reputation for being a tough boss, and Mr. Papermaster wouldn’t be the first highly competent and capable executive not to last in Apple’s corporate culture, and he probably won’t be the last. With a stunningly impressive resume, iPhone antennas notwithstanding, Mr. Papermaster is likely to continue playing a role of some sort in the tech world.

Mark Papermaster's Job Bucket List?

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

M?tley Cr?e. FTW. But the Master of Paper probably should have pulled his strings over to Metallica. Speaking of other things FTW, and a little bit more of Papermaster’s legacy, check out how Consumer Reports said that 9 of the 10 best smart phones on the market today are Android, and the other is the 3GS.


Amazing you how have taken an article completely unrelated and turned it into advertising for Android.

Don’t you ever give it a rest?

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Considering how CR won’t recommend iPhone 4 because of the antenna gap issue, and how there was speculation that Papermaster took the bulltet for that, it’s actually quite related, Intruder.

My intention was certainly not to advertise. But considering that 13 months ago, few had heard of Android, it’s emergence and surpassing of iPhone on everything anyone cares to measure is a bit of an epic fail on Apple’s part. Attributable to Papermaster? Ehhh. I think it’s far more of a genetic problem for Apple that will continue to play out.


Yes, Apple is doomed. They can’t do anything right.


If you have a good leader in your company it doesn’t mean that you surely will be successful. And even if you are successful it can’t be well at all.

Making parallels with music market, of course, Bob Rock has made “Black Album” the best-seller but since it Metallica started to gravitate towards lighter pop music. For my mind, it was better for them to record this album for themselves and stay in their primordial style.

Let’s see what can Mark Papermaster make for Cisco but I have always had some prejudice regarding invitation of governors from another firms.

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