City of Heroes Issue 14: Architect Released

Players of the superhero MMO City of Heroes can now create and share custom missions and story arcs, thanks to Thursday's release of the game's latest free expansion pack, Issue 14: Architect. Players can write dialogue for the storyline's characters and determine its level of difficulty, with up to five chapters, or missions, available. Each mission can contain up to 25 goals.

Issue 14's release notes also contain more information about the expansion, including: "Among other rewards, architects who create extraordinary content will garner acclaim and reputation. Community feedback will be paramount and some missions will elevate in status, unlocking new rewards and benefits for their creators." In addition, this issue features changes to arena battles and long list of gameplay fixes and tweaks.

City of Heroes came to the Mac in January via developer TransGaming and its Cider porting technology. Last December, City of Heroes developer NCSoft was sued by 3D virtual environment developer over alleged patent infringement. According to a March 10 article at Virtual Worlds News, has been granted a third patent that it says pertains to the case. That article said: "[Kidrin] couldn't comment, though, on how [the third patent] might affect Worlds' strategy or tactics in the case.  Kidrin did note that NCsoft had retained a law firm, Ropes and Gray, and that the two were now in conversation."