City of Heroes' Next Update to Allow Customizable Power Sets, More

Publisher NCsoft on Friday announced that the next City of Heroes update -- Issue 16: Power Spectrum, due out in the fall -- will bring greater customization features to the superhero-themed MMORPG, including the ability to customize power sets, such as Dark Armor or Energy Blast, and the option to set colors and themes to individual powers or entire power sets.

The free update will also allow characters to get their hands on additional power sets; for example, Blasters will be able to use Radiation Blast, while Brutes will be able to access the Claws power. In addition, players will be able to tweak a mission's difficulty levels in various ways, including the option for a single character to be treated as if it's the equivalent of an entire team of heroes or villains.

NCsoft said that additional Issue 16 features are still slated to be announced, and the publisher continues to work on City of Heroes' first paid expansion pack, Going Rogue, about which little information has been provided so far, other than the planned addition of an alignment system, as well as the introduction of a parallel universe.