City of Heroes to Add Moral Repercussions in Going Rogue Expansion

NCSoft and Paragon Studios announced Tuesday that it was releasing Going Rogue, the second major expansion of its City of Heroes massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMO). City of Heroes is a comic book-themed MMO, with players being able to take on the roles of good or evil super heroes. With Going Rogue, players will be confronted with moral choices that can, “alter the fate of their characters.”

In other words, good characters could become evil, or vice versa. That would effect the content they can play within the game, as well as the game world itself around them.

Paragon Studios also announced that it will be hosting several City of Heroes activities and events at Comic Con 2010, in San Diego. The company will be offering some giveaways, including in-game items, a chance to meet the game’s developers, and a chance to have their characters turned into sketched comic book art.

The company is also hosting a panel called “Reinventing a Superheroic MMO,” and a preview event for going Rogue.

The expansion will be priced at US$29.99/€19.99 /£17.99, and it will require the original City of Heroes game. The company will be offering a package called City of Heroes Going Rogue: Complete Collection that includes the original game, the City of Villains expansion, and the new Going Rogue expansion for $39.99.

The game is available for Mac and Windows, and Going Rogue will be released “later this summer.”

We have the trailer for the expansion below.

City of Heroes going Rogue Trailer