Civilization V Invading the Mac

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Aspyr Media announced on Wednesday that it will be releasing Sid Meier’s Civilization V for the Mac in time for the holiday buying season.

Civilization V for the Mac

The strategy game for building your own civilization offers more realistic landscapes and gameplay, a new engine for better visual experiences including full animations, new combat tools such as the ability to fire weapons from behind the front lines, and more.

Aspyr hasn’t said yet when Civilization V for the Mac will launch, or how much it will cost. Gamers interested in learning more, however, can follow the development process on Twitter.

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Ahem: WOOHOO!!!!!


I do hope it comes to Steam. And hopefully those of us who already bought it on Steam can download it for the Mac (for free of course), just like all the other Steam games. I mean, it requires Steam to even install in the first place, so all this should be a given.

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