Classic Action Puzzler Collapse! Tops List of New App Store Games

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RealArcade has released GameHouse’s classic action puzzler Collapse! for iPhone (US$0.99), along with versions for Mac, PC, Facebook, and a variety of other mobile devices. It features the standard gameplay – click groups of three or more like-colored blocks to clear them from the screen as new blocks appear along the bottom – along with customizable avatars, power-ups, and mini-games against such bosses as Blocktopia and Bock Widow.

Other new games at the App Store include: the survival horror title Fallen Episode One ($4.99), which is aimed at mature gamers; the puzzle game Cell & Love: The Fun of Fusion ($1.99); the music game Doo Wop ($0.99); and the action title impaXor ($1.99), which challenges players to survive onslaughts of UFOs, asteroids, and space junk.

Fallen Episode One

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