Clean More on Your Mac with CleanMyMac 2

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- The Macworld/iWorld Media Preview Reception gave us a chance to get a sneak peek at some new products before the official start of the show. MacPaw was showing CleanMyMac 2, a solution to clean unneeded items from your Mac and make it run faster. Oleksandr Kosovan, Founder and CEO, highlighted the major features of this updated product.

System Cleanup Scan ResultsSystem Cleanup Scan Results

Automatic Cleanup uses an intelligent algorithm to suggest files that are 100 percent safe for removal. System Cleanup is the first module, and will find cache and log files that can be removed, as well identify broken items like preferences and login items. Large & Old Files will identify files taking up the most space, and files that haven't been accessed in a while and could be removed. iPhoto Cleanup will remove redundant and unnecessary items that are stored in your iPhoto Library.

Trash Cleanup will not only empty the system trash, but hidden trash folders you may not know about. Uninstaller removes the cruft that is left behind if you just throw an application in the Trash. Extension Manager can remove or disable widgets, application plugins, preference panes, dictionaries, screen savers and login items. Finally, the Eraser will erase unwanted files faster than the Finder, and prevent them from being recovered.

CleanMyMac 2 will be available in February 2013, with current users of CleanMyMac being able to upgrade for free. Pricing is to be announced.