Clear Does Lists on iOS, Promises More to Come

Realmac Software on Wednesday released Clear, a list and to-do app that uses a color-coded heat map to show the most important tasks, with a variety of multi-touch gestures used to work with those items.

Realmac noted that users have the following functions available:

  • Pull down on a list to add an item
  • Swipe an item right to complete it
  • Swipe an item or list left to delete it
  • Pinch apart two items to insert a new one between them
  • Pinch vertically together to close the current list and show all the lists in Clear

On Twitter, TMO’s Dave Hamilton noted the positive response to Clear but asked: “Why release a to-do app that doesn’t sync with iCloud/CalDAV on multiple devices?” One of Clear’s developers hinted that such functionality could be in the works when he replied: “We have to start somewhere. Watch this space.”

Clear sells for US$0.99 at the App Store.