Cleveland Apple Store Smash & Grab Nabs 24 MacBooks, 1 iPod

Thieves broke into the Cleveland, Ohio Crocker Park Apple Store Friday morning in a “smash and grab” robbery, according to WKYC, a Cleveland TV station. Police reported that three thieves were able to nab 24 MacBooks and MacBook Pros, as well as a single iPod, in less than a minute, and the entire affair was caught on video (posted below).

Crocker Park Apple Store

Promo shot of the Crocker Park Apple Store
Photo by Apple Inc.

In the photo above, you can see windows above the Apple Store. These are residential units perched atop the trendy retail shops like the Apple Store, and according to WKYC, the local residents were unaware of the robbery was taking place.

“[It’s] shocking because there is a lot of security around here. I come in all hours of the night and it’s very safe,” Resident Nicole Cupp told the station’s news team.

No one was injured in the robbery, and all three thieves got away. The news video posted by WKYC also said that the FBI was consulting on the robbery. The video below is just the surveillance footage of the event.

Surveillance footage of the Apple Store robbery

Thanks to TUAW for the heads up on the robbery.