Cloak 2 Makes It Easier to Secure Your iPhone and Mac Network Connections

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — At this week’s Macworld/iWorld show, Cloak introduced an all-new version of their VPN (Virtual Private Network) product, Cloak 2. Company founder Dave Peck gave us a demonstration of Cloak 2 for iOS to help us understand the new features.

One improvement in Cloak 2 is the new user interface, which does a better job of letting the user understand what’s happening under the hood, without mucking about with low-level settings screen, and makes the security status of your network clear via multiple visual cues.

Cloak 2 iOS Interface

Cloak 2 for iOS now brings the benefit of Cloak for Mac to the iPhone and iPad. One can now define trusted network, such as a cellular network, where a VPN may not be required. What this means is that it can auto-secure your connection if you are on an untrusted network. Cloak 2 will now also cloud sync your settings across all of your iOS and Mac Cloak devices.

Another Cloak 2 advance is that their Transporter feature, which allows you to appear to be coming from another country, now offers a level of detail where you can select the country that you appear to be coming from, rather than receiving a random selection.

Cloak 2 also offers advances in their plans. You can one purchase a one-time pass, for when you don’t need a monthly subscription. There’s a Week Pass for US$3.99, Month Pass for $9.99 and Year Pass for $99.99, and all of the Pass plans offering unlimited data.

There are still subscription plans, too. The Mini Plan which offers 5GB of data for $2.99 a month, and the Unlimited plan with unlimited data for $9.99 per month.

Cloak 2 is available now.  The OS X version requires OS X 10.7 and above.  The iOS version requires iOS 7 and above.

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