Cloud Gaming Service OnLive Enters Open Beta

OnLive, which promises to bring cloud computing to the world of games, last week entered open Beta, according to a blog post from company founder and CEO Steve Perlman. While gamers have been encouraged since OnLive's announcement to sign up for the Beta, Mr. Perlman explained that entrants are being chosen based on a variety of factors, "so that our engineering team can focus at different times on testing different situations."

The ultimate goal is to get the service in shape for its debut this winter. Two other services, Gaikai and OTOY, are also promising to offer something similar, but neither has released many details yet. OnLive currently has several developers signed up to provide games through the service, including Electronic Arts, Atari, THQ, UbiSoft, Epic, and others.

On a Mac or PC, OnLive will require only a web browser plug-in, while gamers who want to play on their TVs will need to purchase OnLive's MicroConsole, a small unit that plugs into the set. OnLive will also produce wireless controllers; the MicroConsole can handle four of them. Pricing and other specifics have not been revealed.

Thanks to Inside Mac Games for the heads-up.