CNET Dubs iPhone the Worst Phone in the World

It's OK to call Apple's iPhone the best phone ever, but not in the CNET UK offices. Instead, they dubbed the iPhone the worst phone ever, but also said it's the best mobile Web device and media player.

The complaints the CNET UK crew have with the iPhone all relate to the device's phone features. Poor call audio quality, dropped calls, failure to ring for incoming calls, heat issues, and battery life all make the complaint list.

These are the same issues that have cropped up ever since the first iPhone hit the streets in 2007, and while some can be addressed with software updates, others require changes to Apple's design. Apple can't, for example, offer a user replaceable battery without significantly changing the iPhone's design.

Despite the complaints, the iPhone is still seen as best in class for mobile Web surfing, and no one has been able to match the iPhone's touch interface, or the success of the App Store. It's also in the pockets of half of CNET UK's editorial team.

"If the iPhone is inaudible, unconnected, on fire and out of battery, why is the thing so popular?" CNET's Flora Graham asks. "The fact is, although the iPhone is the worst phone in the world, it's the best handheld computer there is."