CNNMoney Ranks Steve Jobs as Top Overachieving CEO

CNNMoney recently compiled a list of the top 15 Fortune 100 CEOs it sees as overachievers, and Apple’s own Steve Jobs came out at the top of the list. The list was based on which companies outperformed the S&P 500 in 2009 and which CEOs were paid the least for their efforts — making Mr. Jobs an easy pick considering his official annual paycheck from Apple is only a dollar.

Coming in at second place was Goldman Sachs Goup’s Lloyd C. Blankfein at US$862,657, and Morgan Stanley’s John J. Mack took third place at $939.241. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made the list, too, coming in sixth place with a $1.3 million paycheck.

CNNMoney compared each company’s stock performance as shareholder returns against the S&P 500, so the bigger the gap between the two, the higher a company could potentially rank. Apple, for example, hit 63 percent versus the S&P’s -9.2 percent. Goldman Sachs came in at 102 percent versus 23.5 percent, Morgan Stanley hit 87 percent versus 23.5 percent, and Microsoft came in at -12 percent versus -28.2 percent.

While coming it at the top of the list is yet another feather in Mr. Jobs’s cap, had his pay been in line with other CEO’s there’s a good chance he would’ve ranked a little lower on the list.