Cocoatech Updates Path Finder to 4.7.2

Cocoatech updated Path Finder to version 4.7.2 on Wednesday. This version fixes one priority issue and numerous small bugs.

The priority issue was a bug in which selecting or moving a large number of files could fail or cause Path Finder to crash.

Other fixes include:

  • Fixed path navigator drawing problems when placed below the browser
  • Fixed Volume icons placement on the desktop (where the Network icon could overlap other icons)
  • Setting PF?s terminal to use an external terminal application works again
  • Dragging an address from Firefox browser to PF?s Desktop will now correctly create a .webloc file
  • Dragging and dropping selected text into a Path Finder window or Desktop will now correctly create a .textClipping file
  • Added a ?Convert Image? item to the Preview menu
  • Updated Japanese and Spanish localizations

For a complete list of fixes, see Cocoatechis changelog page.

Path Finder is a full featured Finder replacement for the power user. It can be used in conjunction with the Mac OS X Finder or can completely replace it. Path Finder is also highly customizable to suit users with different needs and tastes.

The version 4.7.2 is auto-detected and, with the useris permission, will auto-install. It is a free update.

Path Finder 4.7.2 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later and is licensed on a per user basis, meaning that one licensed user can use Path Finder on all Macs in his or her possession. It is priced at US$34.95.