CodeWeavers’ CrossOver Games 8.1 Adds Left4Dead 2 Support

CodeWeavers on Wednesday released CrossOver Games 8.1, adding support for Left4Dead 2, the zombie-filled first-person shooter that launched this week for Windows and Xbox 360. CrossOver Games allows Mac and Linux users to play Windows games on their computers without the need for a Windows OS license.

CrossOver Games’ technology is similar to TransGaming’s Cider, which adds a translation layer to Windows games and allows them to run on the Mac as if they’re native application. However, Cider is used only by developers porting games to the Mac (EA, for example, has used it for several titles, including The Sims 3 and its World Adventures expansion pack), while CrossOver Games is aimed at end users.

CrossOver Games is compatible with a wide variety of games, including Half-Life 2, Guild Wars, Max Payne 2, and many titles also available on the Mac, such as World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Prey, and Civilization IV. The software is available only via download, and it costs US$39.95, which includes 12 months of free product support and software updates. And Intel-based Mac is required.