Cold Weather Limits Denver Verizon iPhone Lines

Cold weather limited early morning lines at Denver’s Flatiron Crossing Apple Store to two dudes [Update: with eight minutes to go before doors open, the line has ballooned to four] for the long-awaited introduction of the iPhone on Verizon. While that’s not going to break any Apple release event records, the company is still expecting steady traffic throughout the day.

The device goes on sale at 7:00 AM local throughout the U.S., with initial quantities limited to pre-orders. Verizon’s iPhone is also available in Verizon’s fleet of 2,000 retail stores.

Apple employees brought the two guys in line fleece blankets to combat the cold.

Two Dudes

Two and a half men…no, wait: There’s just the two of them
(Photo by Jeff Gamet)

Denver Snow

Did we mention that it was cold? It’s 14° F.