Collection of Steve Jobs Quotes Rushed to Print

A collection of quotes from former Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been rushed to print, moving the publishing date from 2012 to November of this year. The move comes in response to both Steve Jobs’s resignation as CEO from the company he cofounded and the accelerated publishing schedule of the authorized biography written by Walter Isaacson that was also moved up to this fall.

I, Steve

The cover for I, Steve, as listed on Amazon

The book is called I, Steve: Steve Jobs In His Own Words, and it’s a collection of comments and quotes from Steve Jobs starting from the time he cofounded Apple with Steve Wozniak (and Ron Wayne). According to ABC News, it’s a 160-page book that has been compiled and edited by George Beahm. the book is priced at US$10.95 and is listed on Amazon currently for $8.76 in paperback.

A couple examples from the book include, “We do no market research. We don’t hire consultants. […] We just want to make great products,” which was taken from a CNNMoney/Fortune interview in 2008.

At the 2007 D Conference (D5), Mr. Jobs said, “We make tools for people. Tools to create, tools to communicate. The age we’re living in, these tools surprise you. […] That’s why I love what we do. Because we make these tools, and we’re constantly surprised with what people do with them.”

 The book is scheduled for a November release, just in time for Christmas.