Comcast Brings Live Streaming TV to iPad

Comcast has added live streaming TV on an iPad to its service at no additional cost, although it’s currently available only to its Xfinity HD Triple Play subscribers in Denver and Nashville. The company will add more markets in coming months, according to AppleInsider.

The new functionality, known as AnyPlay, works only over a home Wi-Fi connection, and it’s only available on the iPad now, although support for the Motorola Xoom tablet is in the works. On the road or on a cellular network, Comcast customers need to use the Xfinity TV software to access On Demand movies and TV shows.

There’s another potential catch: AppleInsider noted that when AnyPlay’s existence was first known last September, a leaked memo said that the service would be limited to one device at a time, with a maximum of 10 registered tablets per home. It’s not clear if those restrictions are in place now that the service has launched.