Comcast to Stream TV to iPad (“Later” on Android)

Comcast announced Wednesday that it was bringing support for streaming live and On Demand TV shows and movies to its Xfinity TV iPad app. The company said this feature would be added to its iPad app in the next few weeks (no specificity), and that it would eventually bring the same features to Android, “later this year.”

The initial rollout will include some 3,000 hours of On Demand content, in addition to the live streaming service. The company also said it would be adding various social networking features to its iPad app so that its customers can share what their watching with their friends.

In November, the company added live access to a programming guide and the ability to use one’s iPad as a remote control. The company announced Wednesday that it was bringing similar features to computers through its Web site. This will also include a new watch list feature that can be managed through your browser.

The Xfinity TV app is a free download from the App Store, and the new features will be added in an update in the future.

Xfinity TV iPad App

Xfinity TV iPad App