Comic Zeal V4 Heading to the iPad

The popular iPhone and iPod touch comic book reader app Comic Zeal will be making its way onto the iPad, giving users a bigger space to view comics, and a redesigned interface, too.

The Comic Zeal V4 interface was designed for the iPad and the company plans on adding more refinements once the app ships. Users will be able to read CBZ,ZIP,CBR and RAR files, and it will automatically resize comics to properly fit the iPad display. Since biolithic doesn’t have an iPad in hand to test with yet, the company isn’t sure how long importing comic formats will take.

Comic Zeal V4 — at least for now — will be an iPad application. iPhone and iPod touch users will continue to use Comic Zeal V3, but eventually they’ll be able to move to version 4 as well.

biolithic hasn’t said when it expects to ship Comic Zeal V4, but did confirm that it has been submitted to Apple for App Store approval. Since the company came in ahead of Apple’s March 27 cut off date, there’s a chance it could be available on the iPad’s April 3 ship date.